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Federal Tech Talk with John Gilroy


Show Notes

Episode #559
Federal TechTalk with John Gilroy
Date: July 19, 2018
Moderator: John Gilroy
Guest: Bob Tuohy, COO,, ATI
Length: 40 minutes
Audio link: Federal Tech Talk with John Gilroy: #559

how to promote a podcast

The federal government is facing challenges in cybersecurity, big data, and many other areas. Doing things the same old ways will not produce the improvement we need.

One approach is to form a group of companies with innovative ideas and get them to combine to solve these complex problems. Advanced Technology International is a non-profit that acts as an intermediary to bring disparate skill sets together.

Bob Tuohy has decades of experience in and out of the federal government. During the interview, Bob talks about some of the successes and expands on the concept of Other Transaction Authority (OTA). Bob details the origin of the procurement option and how companies as well as the federal government can use an OTA to solve difficult problems.

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